Swimming pool in winter

Prepping Your Inground Swimming Pool For Winter: A Deep Dive

When winter comes around, it’s the prepping of your pool, along with regular maintenance throughout, that is key to ensuring the quality and longevity of your pool and things that… Read article

The World Of Luxury Inground Pool Finishes & Coping: The Top Options

The luxury pool finishes you pick for your pool’s interior lining and coping can have a dramatic impact on the overall atmosphere of your backyard. For example, we love a… Read article

5 Key Considerations for Your Ideal Swimming Pool Position

It’s an essential question: “where should I position my swimming pool?” It’s a topic our team covers extensively with you during the initial planning and construction stages of installing your… Read article

Plunge Pool Design: Luxury Tips To Make A Small Inground Pool Shine

With backyards shrinking we know that our Sydney-based clients don’t always have the luxury of endless yardage. Even in the smallest of areas, a custom plunge pool design can work… Read article

Can A Pool Increase Your Property Value? The Facts

Here at Crystal Pools, one of the most common questions we get asked is, how much does a pool cost? This is often closely followed by does a pool really… Read article

Swimming pool construction in Sydney

Crystal Pools Guide: The Best Time To Build Your Dream Pool

Make next summer the season you luxuriate and relax by your own Crystal Pool. It happens with planning and preparation, adequate time set aside and an expert team to guide… Read article

7 Steps To Create A Holiday From Home (Including A Luxurious Pool)

Everything you need to know to create a vacation vibe in your backyard. Using your backyard effectively to create a place in your home that’s enjoyable to visit can have… Read article

Family Pool - Bexley

How much does a pool cost?

In fairly answering the hot question ‘how much does a pool cost?’, we first have to say that a pool will vary in price greatly depending on the size, complexity… Read article

How long does the pool construction process take?

Crystal Pools follows a detailed methodology to achieve excellent on-time completion rates. To fairly estimate completion times, any builder should factor in average rainfall interruption, typical council approval times (Sydney’s… Read article

Swimming pool steps

Fibreglass vs Concrete Pools

When assessing ‘fibreglass vs concrete pools’, fibreglass is a reasonable alternative for families who can’t afford a concrete swimming pool. But with the cheaper price tag comes compromise. For most… Read article

Pool equipment: Pumps, Filters, Sanitisation and more

There is a bewildering range of pool equipment to go with your new pool. From heating to robotic vacuum cleaners, the array of technology options to perform similar functions can… Read article

Swimming Pool Regulations: Sydney

A long established pool builder with extensive knowledge on all council districts across Sydney, enabling them to provide helpful advice whenever you need it. When you choose Crystal Pools as… Read article

Pool water colour

Factors that affect water colour Deciding on your swimming pool colour and waterline tiles should be exciting. There are many variables that determine the final water colour of your pool… Read article

Swimming pool steps

Swimming pool steps & ledges

One of the great advantages of in-ground concrete swimming pools is flexibility when it comes to adding additional features to your swimming pool. Features such as swimming pool steps and… Read article

Concrete swimming pools – getting started

In preparation for talking to our professional pool designers about your new concrete swimming pool, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of the type of questions you might… Read article

Swimming pool trends

Homeowners considering installing a swimming pool before next summer should give thought to what size and shape they’re after, the features and equipment they’d like included and ultimately how they… Read article

Construction Photos

Selecting a pool builder to quote

Once you understand the process (learn about it here on our website) and have developed an idea of what you want, you may set off to find builders to quote… Read article

Family Pool with waterslide - Cronulla

Different types of swimming pools

In Sydney, the most popular types of swimming pools can be addressed under three categories: Family pools, Lap pools and Plunge pools. This article discusses the benefits, popular features and… Read article

Above ground lap pool - Erina

Types of pool fencing

Essential and mandatory in every pool, pool fencing should be selected to be compliant with NSW legislation. There are strict rules on height, allowable spacings and gating mechanisms. That said,… Read article

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