Becoming well informed is often the first step new pool buyers take on their journey to finding the best pool. These Pool Buyers Guide articles and our FAQ section are great places to begin.

Swimming pool placement

Swimming pool placement

  • Council regulations
  • Environmental factors
  • Small backyards
Sydney swimming pool regulations

Sydney swimming pool regulations

  • Pool fencing requirements
  • Sydney local council regulations
  • NSW swimming pool register
Swimming pool ledges

Swimming pool steps & ledges

  • Swimming pool steps
  • Swimming pool ledges
  • Beach entries
Swimming Pool Trends

Swimming pool trends

  • Inside Out
  • Pool Automation
  • Water features
Concrete swimming pool | Getting started

Concrete swimming pools – getting started

  • Briefing a pool designer
  • Doing your research
  • Creating a list of criteria
  • Working with Landscapers
How much does a pool cost | Pool Buyers Guide

How much does a pool cost?

  • Average Sydney spend
  • Project complexity
  • Getting best value for your money
  • Working within a budget
Choosing a pool builder | Pool Buyers Guide

Selecting a pool builder to quote

  • Getting referrals
  • Questions for pool builders
  • Engaging a pool builder
  • Experience is everything
Pool Construction process | Pool buyers guide

How long does the pool construction process take?

  • Onsite property assessment
  • Design presentation and proposal
  • The approval process
  • Pool construction process
Fiberglass vs concrete | Pool Buyers Guide

Fibreglass vs concrete pools

  • Increasing property value
  • Custom designed to fit requirements
  • Durability
  • Limitations
Pool equipment | Pool buyers guide

Pool equipment: Pumps, Filters, Sanitisation and more

  • Essential pool equipment
  • Non-essential pool equipment
  • Equipment trends
Types of pools | Pool Buyers Guide

Different types of swimming pools

  • Plunge pools
  • Family pools
  • Lap pools
  • Popular features & trends
Pool fencing| Pool buyers guide

Types of pool fencing

  • Frameless glass fencing
  • Partially framed fencing
  • NSW pool fencing legislation
  • Pool fencing contractors