The luxury pool finishes you pick for your pool’s interior lining and coping can have a dramatic impact on the overall atmosphere of your backyard. For example, we love a pale blue pool lining with white tiled coping that gives the feeling of a Greek or Mediterranean-style pool–ideal for an oasis. Head to the European shores without ever leaving home!

Leading the industry since 1957, we’ve seen how the range of pool finishes has changed. With trends slowly coming in and out, Crystal Pools has witnessed firsthand how important it is to make the right decision regarding inground pool finishes.

Although luxury pool finishes are an investment, they provide durability, longevity and the benefit of timeless design. Researching and understanding the pool finishes available enable you to select the best option for your pool – one that will last for years (and decades) to come.


Inground Pool Finishes

Inground pool finishes should enhance your pool design. The colour and surface choices for coping and inground pool lining will influence the resulting water colour and the overall ambience your pool exudes.


A fully tiled mosaic inground pool is by far the most extravagant interior lining available. Tiles are a great option for those with the allowing budget. Choose from a vast selection of tiling options to find the aesthetic that suits you and your needs most. An example of this is picking darker-coloured tiles like black or grey, which can completely transform the mood of your backyard. Alternatively, a tile colour like aqua blue can leave your pool bright and light. There are plenty of other reasons why a fully tiled inground pool is the way to go:

  • Durability – created to withstand constant use
  • Smooth surface – providing a great feeling underfoot
  • Endless design options – pick tiles that compliment your landscaping aesthetic
  • Easy to clean and maintain compared to other pool lining options

While a fully tiled inground pool is an investment, it’s a finished solution that won’t leave you with additional maintenance costs in future.
If a fully tiled inground pool isn’t for you, then you may want to consider going with an aggregate finish instead. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose either exposed or polished aggregate.

This refined finish gives a smooth look to your inground pool. Made naturally from high-quality quartz, this material comes in different sizes and textures, creating more of an organic style. This inground pool finish also requires less maintenance than alternative cheaper options due to its natural algae resistance.

Pool pebble coating
White resort pebble for blue coloured water

When working with aggregate, you can mix and match colour percentages to achieve any style of look for your pool. For example, this North Richmond Staycation pool combined 30% green, 10% turquoise and 5% glass fleck to achieve that indulgent holiday-from-home look.



Inground Pool Coping

You’ll need to pick coping to compliment your inground luxury pool finish. Coping refers to the surrounding tiles that line the outside of your Crystal Pools build. When choosing coping, you want to ensure that the material you pick is non-slip and can withstand the environment.


Travertine is an excellent choice for coping for your inground swimming pool design. It’s perfect for dealing with splashes and being saturated with water and is naturally porous, making it a non-slip surface. This huge lap pool in Hunters Hill used Travertine as the pool coping, which blends in seamlessly with surrounding buildings.

Himalayan Sandstone

Himalayan sandstone is another great luxurious coping alternative. If you’re a fan of beautiful, organic shapes, colours and neutral tones blending together, this inground pool coping choice may be for you. Along with the natural feeling underfoot, Himalayan sandstone adds durability and value to your property. Being easy to replace if needed, it is a great choice with future thinking.


Stone, either reconstructed or natural, is a fantastic pool coping material. Like travertine, the material is naturally porous, meaning it will soak up any excess moisture, making it slip-resistant. Denser in its make-up, it provides a smoother finish, offering round edges for an excellent coping option.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the right type of interior lining and coping can alter your entire outdoor living space. The possibilities are endless, with various options available for every budget and style.

When you work with Crystal Pools, we provide decades of experience, recommending the best products and finishes that suit you and your lifestyle. Our team is here to support you and give you that pool of your dreams. Get in touch with us to find out more.