Factors that affect water colour

Deciding on your swimming pool colour and waterline tiles should be exciting. There are many variables that determine the final water colour of your pool aside from the lining you choose. The overall size of your pool, the shape and depth of your pool, water chemistry, the amount of sunlight that reaches your pool along with landscaping and backyard surroundings all have an impact of the final water colour in your pool.

Choosing a water colour

Choosing finishing colours can be done collaboratively. The best way to find inspiration for a stylish combination, or perhaps solidify a vision you might have in mind, is to reference other pools we’ve built. You can also talk to us about the possibility of matching a colour combination you’ve found in a magazine, for example.

Our first milestone is helping you arrive at being 100% confident in the choice of water colour. If you want blue water we need to look at interior finishes that are either grey, blue, white or black. Alternatively red, green, browns and sand coloured finishes will deliver green water pools.

Once you’ve decided on which interior you prefer, your Crystal Pools sales representative will be able to show you the various interior finishes and tiles available to achieve the overall pool colour you are after.

Size and depth

The deeper your pool, the bluer or greener your pool will be. In smaller bodies of water, the colour is usually closer to the colour of the finish.

Landscaping & backyard surroundings

Your surrounding materials will alter the colour of your water. Earth tones will bring out more green or teal.


Sunlight can bring out the depth and richness of the colour. Water refraction plays on the water and can change the colour of a pool dramatically over the course of the day. As the sun gets lower and shadows start creeping over you will see a dramatic change in the colour of the finish. Determining the dominant lighting state of the pool will influence the pool surfacing material we recommend to meet your desired colour preference.

Forming a colour palette in harmony with your building and landscape surroundings

With your target interior colour as a starting base, Crystal Pools first provides you with a Colour Selection Guide, and we use it in concert with our digital tools to help you visualize how those non-variable colours and textures surrounding your pool might work together.

No matter how daring or conservative your colour preferences are, it’s highly likely whatever you think of, we’ve created it. After building and designing pools for over 60 years, you can rest assured we have the answers and the expertise to collaborate with you in making the perfect choice.