When assessing ‘fibreglass vs concrete pools’, fibreglass is a reasonable alternative for families who can’t afford a concrete swimming pool. But with the cheaper price tag comes compromise. For most Sydney homeowners their house is an asset worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Like any addition, renovation or enhancement to your home, you need to ensure the pool is up to the standard of the asset.

A handful of fibreglass pool makers are producing and finishing pool shapes to look more like their concrete cousins, although buyers tend to shy away from a cheaper looking pool when their home is above the median Sydney house price. Fiberglass vs concreteA concrete pool can be constructed in-ground or above ground level without the expense of retaining walls and the structure can be renovated in 20-30 years time to bring it back to a new pool. A concrete pool will be custom designed to suit your needs and to fit in with the landscaped area you require. Steps, ledges, alcoves and features will be placed where you want them. The off-the-shelf nature of most molded fibreglass pools can rule out customisation and you are limited in terms of pool shapes on offer from each factory.

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Fibreglass vs concrete vs other options

While a modern fibreglass pool is a more permanent looking option that a vinyl lined above ground pool, it’s to be expected that the less you spend on a pool the more likely you’ll be replacing it sooner. When considering the fibreglass vs concrete question it is interesting to note that we renovate a lot of concrete pools and we have to pull out a lot of fibreglass pools because they can’t be brought up to date cost-effectively.

Some fibreglass pool owners comment that concrete can be rougher on the skin than fibreglass. When a concrete pool hasn’t been finished with tiles, a rough surface only occurs when a pool builders didn’t finish and coat their pools properly, the way master builders such as Crystal Pools do. Be aware that some cheaper pools are little more than a container with water in them and can be more susceptible to staining from groundwater seepage at joints or inlets. Certain colours will fade faster than others, as is the case with poorly gel-coated yachts due to sun damage.

At the other end of the spectrum, an architecturally designed and master-built concrete pool will endure, extend your home space and add value and appeal to the property. Crystal builds pools to last decades, not years. Across Sydney, thousands of our pools stand the test of time.