Crystal Pools follows a detailed methodology to achieve excellent on-time completion rates. To fairly estimate completion times, any builder should factor in average rainfall interruption, typical council approval times (Sydney’s councils vary) and works beyond the construction phase.  So including finishings, permanent pool fence installation, landscaping, you can expect the total time from start to finish of around 16 to 20 weeks.

If you haven’t already, please check out our information graphic on the process step-by-step and our time-lapse video of a pool construction so that you can understand the sequence of events in designing and building a pool.

After your first on-site consultation and site analysis, we set about designing your pool. Once you are happy with the design and proposal we prepare plans and process through the approvals which take approximately 3-4 weeks for a certified project (council dependent). Ask us how we can use a complying development to shorten this approval process with your local council.


Tip: To be swimming by Christmas in a new pool you should start looking for a builder around June with a view to being in contract stage by August at the latest.

Every year as the summer swimming season approaches Crystal Pools gets very busy leading up Christmas. If you like taking your time on decisions we’d recommend starting earlier in the year so you’re not under any deadline pressure. To ensure quality control is maintained we also limit the number of pools we construct each year. Another good reason why Autumn-Winter is the ideal season to start your pool hunting.

Understanding the pre-construction process

Here is an explanation of the process step-by-step from initial contact to the approval of your designs, ready to proceed to the pool construction process.

Upfront expert advice

Perhaps the first time you call us, even before the meeting at your property, we openly provide upfront expert advice – even if you are still in the process of choosing a builder. We offer this by choice. You’ll find only some Sydney pool companies have the facility and ability to do this. Expert advice from a master builder can save a lot of wrong turns when you’re starting out.

At the initial site analysis meeting we assess your property and discuss what you have in mind. If you’ve had a chance to prepare (see working with a designer under ‘getting started’ in Buyers Guide) our pool consultant will be able to get an accurate picture, enabling a better design response to your usage aspirations, style preferences and budget.

Onsite property assessment

The Property Assessment will include analysis and discussion of;

  • Possible locations for the pool(s) and all the variables at play on your site (slope, light direction, amenity to house, trees etc),
  • Existing services (water, sewer, gas etc)
  • Applicable regulations (Federal, NSW and those particular to your local government)
  • Budget range (shaped in accordance with your priorities list – see ‘Getting Started’)
  • Aesthetics of the existing home and current/future landscaping, alfresco areas etc
  • Practical and compliance challenges to functionality requirements/aspirations

Crystal Pools will design and scope your project at no cost. See the answer to the question of “Designing your pool” on our FAQ page to learn how our design service works.

Design presentation and proposal

After the Property Assessment, our next meeting is usually to present designs and drawings, discuss and refine our proposal and prepare a contract in accordance with your final budget. We also provide detailed company information, a DVD, plus details on recommended equipment and finishes.

If you have more questions or want more detail on any part of the sequence, we’re here to help on 9875 4555.

The approval process

Once a contract is in place we send details of your project to our engineer. We then submit all necessary plans & documentation to our Certifier or your council with a view to acquiring Approval and a Construction Certificate. This normally takes 2 to 4 weeks* depending on your council. We require your Lot and DP numbers (see your rates notice) and we do the rest. If you have it, a copy of the house site plan may be helpful but is not essential.

Every new pool in NSW must be approved for construction by a Licensed Certifier.

Some pools require a Development Application (DA) approval from council, while some can be processed quicker as Complying Development.

Included in the cost of your pool, Crystal Pools prepares all of your engineering and documentation for approval. You may also require a Survey, Site Analysis Plan, Landscape Plan, Stormwater Management Plan and the Statement of Environmental Effects.

Your pool will be engineered by a qualified pool engineer (and member of the Institute of Engineers of Australia) at no extra cost, so your pool meets our high building standards and ensures all compliance inspections are met during construction.

Its all part of our service so you won’t have to deal with your council. We’ll keep you up to date on progress, and many councils allow you to track the progress of an application online.

*We know how to prepare your documentation with the detail required to have your pool approved as soon as feasibly possible so you will be swimming sooner.

Tip: Ask your builder if all necessary plans, reports and certification are included in their service as Crystal Pools does.

Pool construction process

Once we have acquired a Construction Certificate and Water Board approvals to proceed, one of our experienced construction supervisors will arrange a visit to meet you and mark out the location of your swimming pool. From there, excavation can commence.

Your construction supervisor and management team are guided by decades of experience and a methodology that ensures the construction process runs effortlessly and without delay. Our tradespeople have been in the ‘Crystal family’ for many years, if not decades, and follow Crystal Pools’ protocols whilst working at your property. Everyone remains accountable and management will be responsive in answering any concerns you have.

See our construction process and time-lapse video