Once you understand the process (learn about it here on our website) and have developed an idea of what you want, you may set off to find builders to quote on your pool. Getting referrals from friends, family and colleagues who have had a pool built is an excellent way to assess any builder’s performance. How did their build go and would they recommend the pool builder? If it didn’t go well, ask why!

When people can’t go by referral most buyers spend time researching using the internet to ascertain what is available in the market. Smart buyers look beyond the photos and create a list of questions to ask.

Examples of questions to ask pool builders

What is their level of experience? Can they handle a complex build project? (sloping, elevated, inaccessible or custom-designed). Look for proof in their past projects. Research their track record (by what others say). Have they built in your area before? Are they a licensed builder? Are they members of industry bodies? Who are they accountable to if something goes wrong? Are their contracts in plain English? Do they require upfront payments or progress payments? Do they offer real advice before you’ve signed up or paid them?

Building a pool is a major investment for most Sydney homeowners and you’ll need to be sure your selected pool builder will be there from start to finish… and well after the completion of your construction. You can find information at the Master Builders Association on the correct way to engage a pool builder and have them scope your project. The available info sources should be able to guide you on the acceptable terms for paying and retaining the pool builder. If the pool company in question is not highly experienced and backed by a flawless reputation, our advice is to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ’t’ when asking them to design and provide a proposal.

Why choose an experienced pool builder?

Too often we hear (often too late) of inexperienced pool builders who’ve failed to understand a client’s requirements or failed to disclose all aspects involved in building a swimming pool. Regrettably, in our time we’ve also seen too many builders fold financially and the poor client is left holding the bucket mid-project. It’s imperative the homeowner asks as many questions as they can. The resources are available so you can ask the right questions upfront and have peace of mind when everything runs as planned. Or you can call us for advice, even if you’re talking to other companies.

The local paper is another way to start investigating the many types of pool builders in your area. Again, use this list and other online resources to ensure you ask the right questions. Beware of those twenty grand dream pools that turn into a cost spirally nightmare! Again, we stress that when it comes to building a compliant swimming pool cost-efficiently, the way YOU wanted it, experience is everything!

Tip: Ask your consultant to explain the differences between the types of pools in the market place, ie. pre-fabricated pools compared with custom-designed concrete pools.