Here at Crystal Pools, one of the most common questions we get asked is, how much does a pool cost? This is often closely followed by does a pool really add value to my home?

We understand adding a pool to your home can be considered as an investment. So it’s only natural to consider how you might expect a return beyond the substantial improvement to your home you, friends and family enjoy while you’re living there. The answer to this important question can vary from property to property. With so many factors and market forces that go to determine the value of your property, it can be hard to understand if a pool does add value. Our team here at Crystal Pools has put together a list of the pool-related factors that can influence your property’s value – can a pool actually make a difference?

Location, location, location

The location of your current property, or the property you’re looking to purchase, will have a noticeable impact on how the pool adds value. As ironic as it seems, those located in Sydney suburbs bordering the beach will have a higher chance of value being added with a pool, rather than those further out in rural areas.

Upside, a local real estate company, touched on this subject when looking into how much value a pool can add: “Waterside living is a big drawcard for many buyers, and those who are attracted to the beachside lifestyle are likely to be willing to pay more for a home with a pool as well.”

For those near the beach, adding a pool to your home is an investment worth making.


Located here in beautiful Sydney, we’re used to hot, long summer nights. In these humid climates, pools often add significant value to a home; for those living in cooler climates, a pool isn’t going to have quite ethe same effect. While pools are a great feature to add to your home, if they’re in an area that is cooler a pool won’t be in use for a larger proportion of the year. Meaning that although it adds to asset value, its impact can be limited when selling in winter.

Style Of Pool

The style and type of pool that is added to your home can have a determining effect on the extra value. While we offer a range of styles and types of pools, each adding unique benefits to a home, some are valued higher than others. According to, depending on the location, size and style of the pool, building a backyard pool can add up to 7% of the value of your home.

If you’re looking to modify your home to achieve that all-important return on investment, then an inground concrete pool will add the most value to your home. Professional landscaping and a custom pool design allow a well-integrated piece to transform your yard and create a mini oasis – guaranteed to impress any buyer. Consider why appealing photography of the pools we build are often used as the showcase image for both commercial and residential property promotion.

Know Your Audience

While it may not seem like the first thing that comes to mind when selling your home, knowing your audience is vital so you can ensure the value you offer is relevant to their needs. A great example of this is young families with children. Houses in family-friendly suburbs typically benefit from a pool installation. Those with younger families who have children or plan to expand their family in the future will favour having a pool, compared to empty nesters.

A pool is a part of the great Australian dream. It’s where countless summers are spent with friends, and memories are made. If you understand your potential audience, you can make decisions based on this to ensure you get the best return on your initial investment.

Additional Ways to Ensure Your Pool Adds Value

In addition to building a pool, a variety of surrounding backyard and pool features can help boost the value added. We’ve listed some of these below.

  • Ensure that your pool is maintained and kept in good condition all year round.
  • Invest in professionally landscaping your backyard and the pool surrounds, making sure any greenery is tolerant of the climate and conditions.
  • Consider the lighting in and out of the pool to ensure the outside area is well-lit at all times.
  • If you’re looking to sell soon, check your decking or coping is still intact and fix any areas that need attention.

What Next?

If you’re considering installing an appealing or luxurious backyard pool, Crystal Pools is here to help. We’ve been in the industry since 1957 and have helped thousands of residential and commercial clients to install pools throughout Sydney. We offer interest-free finance to get you swimming in your pool sooner. Enquire now and discover how we can help you.