With backyards shrinking we know that our Sydney-based clients don’t always have the luxury of endless yardage. Even in the smallest of areas, a custom plunge pool design can work wonders, offering space for exercise, playing and relaxing.

How can you make a smaller alternative stand out and maintain a sense of luxury? Here are the benefits of a plunge pool and everything you can do to make it shine.


Benefits of An Inground Plunge Pool

We’ve seen plunge pool designs become increasingly popular over the years. It looks like they’ll be sticking around so we can attest they’re beyond just a trend!. In addition to their smaller footprint, plunge pools have a wide array of other benefits.

Adds Value

Like any Crystal Pools installation, an inground concrete pool adds significant value by creating a space where family and friends can spend time together. A plunge pool is fantastic as it’s still big enough for play and is a great alternative for families with small children.

Inground plunge pools also add extra monetary value to your home, offering improved potential resale in future.

Suitable for Many Uses

On top of creating a beautiful entertainment area, your inground plunge pool is fantastic when it comes to keeping active. Whether you engage in aqua aerobic activities, install a jet to swim against or use it for exercise recovery, you’ll be feeling fresh and fit in no time. If you’re looking to emulate professional athlete therapies, or to just get a post-workout relaxation session, try dropping the temperature as best you can so it functions as a cold-plunge.

Space Saving

Potentially the biggest benefit of a plunge pool is the amount of space it can save. When working with smaller areas, a plunge pool gives you the option to have the luxury of a Crystal Pool without taking too much real estate from the rest of the backyard.

How To Make A Small Pool Shine

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder you’d want an inground plunge pool. Make your small pool shine to really up the ante and create a beautiful, showstopping backyard feature. We’ve put together our top luxury tips so you can make even the smallest Crystal Pools pool stand out.

Add Seats Or Benches Around The Pool

Luxurious hotels invest in extravagant and comfortable seating surrounding the pool, so you can sit back, relax and soak up the sun. Why not adapt this for the home? Transforming your pool into a holiday from home is ideal. Contribute to this by adding seats or benches around your plunge pool – it is a simple way to add that extra special touch and the perfect place to take some time out.

Go Crazy With Greenery

Greenery and an inground plunge pool go hand in hand. When installing Crystal Pools, we always encourage our clients to use landscaping to complement the design; the right selection of plant life can take your plunge pool to the next level. Not only does it highlight the pool itself, but it works in harmony with the design. We personally love the following plants as they drop minimal leaves and can also tolerate the splash from chlorine.

  • Dragon trees
  • Succulents
  • Mauritius hemp
  • Bird of paradise
  • Golden palm
  • Water Colour

When you’re looking at swimming pool design, the water colour is something that needs to be considered. The resulting water colour depends on a few different aspects.

  • Interior tile or pebble coating colour
  • Depth of pool water
  • Landscaping and backyard surroundings. Earth-toned landscaping brings out more green or teal colours.
  • Direct sunlight brings out the intensity of the water colour.
  • White interiors create that ‘tropical blue waters’ effect where the water is deeper
All of these factors have a role to play in the final water colour appearance. When you partner with Crystal Pools to pick your pool colour, we consider these elements to make sure the end result has you and your guests jumping into the pool within moments.

interior pool lights

Bring On The Light

Lighting your inground pool is so important as it increases the usable hours and enhances the view from your home. Automated and sensor lighting is steadily growing in popularity since the arrive of efficient LED lights. Plunge pools benefit from lighting more than larger pools as the colour is more condensed due to the smaller space. It’s wise to make sure your pool and the surrounding areas are well-lit at night as a matter of safety, not just visual appeal.

The addition of a few solar-powered lights can be a great way to jazz-up a smaller pool area cost effectively so you can sit a sit around the pool at night. We also recommend lighting up any landscaping or plants surrounding your plunge pool, highlighting them as natural features. This is a fantastic way to create the illusion of a bigger space and show off all your landscaping.

Obvious efficiencies

It goes without saying that a small pool water volume offers efficiencies over a larger pool when it comes to sanitisation and heating needed as there’s less water surface area. We also offer suggestions on several water and energy saving technologies to really capitalise on the smaller dimensions of a plunge pool; typically, under 6 metres at its widest point.

What Next?

If you’re considering an inground concrete pool for your backyard or have been inspired to opt for a plunge pool, then enquire now. Our friendly team will answer any questions you have about the process and work with you and your budget.