Trinity Grammar School

Trinity Grammar School wanted a new aquatic centre to replace the school’s old 25m outdoor pool. The new facility now consists of two quality swimming pools; a refurbished 25m pool and also a new 50m swimming pool underneath the school. We possessed the capabilities to construct the 50m basement pool and install a swimwall to divide the pool length, allowing water polo to be played.


  • Refurbish existing 25m swimming pool and construct a new fully tiled dual purpose 50m x 20m swimming with a uniform depth of 2m for water polo pool.
  • Conventional 50m form and poured concrete structure, fully tiled. A refurbished 25m pool,fully tiled.
  • UFF Filtration System with UV


  • Construction in high density residential area to underground basement site.
  • Large drop to site for deliveries and movement of materials
  • Swimwall installation a challenge


Summer Hill, NSW
Surface: (1) 1,000m2 (2) 425m2, Volume: (1) 2,000m3 (2) 980m3