Elegant Pool For All Manor Of Occasions – Box Hill

Elegant Pool For All Manor Of Occasions – Box Hill

MoJo Homes: McDonald Jones Hermitage Grande Manor

#MJO BOX HILL 01 Job Number

Suburb Box Hill
Size 9.15 x 3.7m
Type Family Pools, Lap Pools
Features Water Feature - 5 x Water spouts and SilentFlo1100 Booster Pump
Features Water feature
Elegant Pool For All Manor Of Occasions – Box Hill

Winner of the 2023 MBA NSW Award for 'Display Pools Up To $100,000', this 9.15m x 3.7m swimming pool is a showpiece of the McDonald Jones Hermitage Grande Manor display in Box Hill.

A pebble lining, white glass waterline tile, stone coping, swim-out bench and stone upstand wall with inbuilt water feature… its a beautiful combination. A design that would transform so many Sydney backyards. Perfect for entertaining, relaxation, and exercise, and is sure to be a favourite spot for family and friends to gather and enjoy the outdoors.

The pool’s vibrant pebble lining adds texture and visual interest to the water. The pebble finish is soft to the touch and provides a natural and organic feel. A striking white glass waterline tile frames the top edge of the pool, creating a clean and modern look. The tile reflects the sunlight, making the water sparkle and shimmer with light. To finish it all off to perfection the pool is surrounded by a light grey stone coping, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design. The coping chosen provides a comfortable seating area around the pool, perfect for lounging and enjoying the view. Read our article on Luxury Inground Pool Finishes to learn more about design choices.

At one end of the pool, there is a swimout bench, which is a great place to relax and enjoy the water without having to swim. The bench is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive seat, making it easy to sit and chat with friends or family. A stone upstand wall with an inbuilt water feature adds a touch of drama and excitement to the pool area. The water cascades out the spouts, creating a soothing and tranquil sound. The feature also adds a visual element to the pool, providing a focal point for a dreamy poolside gaze.

Elegant Pool For All Manor Of Occasions – Box Hill


Lining Resort white pebble with 10% blue fleck
Tiles Waterline tiles supplied by client
Coping Natural Stone
Pump Pentair SilentFlo 1100
Filter Penair CNC320
Chlorinator Fluidra EQ35pH
Skimmer Box Waterco Skimmer S75 MK2
Water Leveller Cooke Industries Water Witch
Lights 2 x Aquaquip LED
Heating Provisions
Elegant Pool For All Manor Of Occasions – Box Hill

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