Investing in functional and aesthetic features in your inground pool is a great way to create customer interest and offer additional benefits.

Why Add On?

Inground pool add-ons are the perfect way to make your pool unique to your business, whether a hotel, aquatic centric or spa. When you’re investing time and effort into building an exceptional pool, you should consider the point of difference small additions will make to your customers. Creating that distinction through a spa or vitality pool is just a couple of ways to invest in your customers.


Spas are a beautiful feature to add to your commercial inground pool – or as an extra-luxe addition for the backyard. A spa is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to swim but still want to enjoy the water. A space for them to sit, relax and enjoy. Showcased in our two-time award-winning Arc By Crown project, this spa measures 3m x 2.5m and gives much-needed respite to hotel guests after using the lap pool.

Commercial Crystal Pools


Water Features

Water features are another way you can create a memorable feature with your inground pool. Crystal Pools has been lucky enough to participate in many projects that include adding or creating a water feature. Listed below are a few of the water features we provide.

  • Reflection Pools: a purposeful shallow pool that reflects the surrounding area and landscape.
  • Water Falls: designed around your pool to elevate and add a sense of luxury.
  • Fountains and Water Spouts: included in your pool or adjacent to offer the sound of calming water flowing.
  • Running Creek Beds: immerse your senses in nature with the illusion of a running creek bed.


If you’re in the business of wellness or health, then adding a sauna alongside your Crystal Pool is a perfect combination. Saunas come in various sizes, shapes and styles to suit any commercial-style project. To maximise the health benefits, saunas can be optimised with infrared features.

Diving Block Or Board

Depending on the pool depth and surrounding space, adding a diving block or board is a great way to add a sense of fun to your inground pool. At Crystal Pools, we’ve worked with a variety of Council Aquatic Facilities, installing a range of diving boards, blocks and even water slides. These projects are fantastic for giving your customers the fun options of diving or promoting a healthy competitive culture with the use of diving blocks.


Potentially the most unique out of the seven suggested add-ons, portholes are an incredible way to create interest and have some fun with your inground pool design. Featured in Air Apartments and Greeland Lucent, portholes add a sense of playfulness. While this feature takes some extra planning, the result is one that those in and out of the water can enjoy.


To balance out the serene blue that your inground pool provides, include greenery in either your surrounding landscaping or in the pool. As showcased in our work at the Primus Hotel, our team included trees within the pool, breaking up the shimmering blue colour by adding a punch of greenery. This feature accentuates the art deco theme of the hotel and creates a sense of intrigue in the outdoor area.

Vitality Pool

Similar to a sauna, if your business or organisation is centred around health or wellness, then adding a vitality pool could be precisely what it needs. A vitality pool is heated between 34° to 36°. They use a combination of hydrotherapy, offering a relaxing massage to rejuvenate the body. In addition to this, a vitality pool features swan-neck fountains, jets and in-built lounges. These inground pools cater to those looking to fully immerse themselves in self-care or provide that needed recovery for professional athletes.

Final Thoughts

Adding to your inground pool is a surefire way to enhance the experience for all users and create positive memories. Allow Crystal Pools to bring your vision to life.

As a result of being in the industry for 65+ years, our team is highly skilled at working with commercial businesses to provide a seamless inground pool, no matter the complexity or scale.

If you’re ready to have your inground pool built, get in touch with us to discover how we can help. If you need more inspiration, read our blogs for all of the insider information or stay up to date with us on Instagram.