Fully-tiled spa pool – McMahon’s Pt

You don’t need a big yard to enjoy a top-class pool. This fully tiled spa was installed on the roof of a garage and now provides a young family with endless fun and a relaxing place to cool off during the hot summer months.

Just 1 metre deep, this innovative, fully tiled spa features three glass sides creating a magical fish-tank look. Himalayan sandstone surroundings, blue glass mosaic tiles and LED lighting enhance the beauty of the finished pool and create a spectacular home feature that shines during the day and night.

Hardwood decking and sympathetic landscaping with chlorine-resilient cactus plants add the finishing touches to this highlight of a brand new home. Managing tight city streets and council regulations, re-engineering the roof, and keeping neighbourhood disruptions to a minimum were also all part of the job.

McMahon's Point
Job No.
2.8 x 2.6 metres
Fully tiled
Himalayan sandstone


  • RX 280 Filter
  • CTX 280 Pump
  • VX7T Salt chlorinator
  • One LED Spa Electrics pool light

Special Features

  • Fully tiled interior
  • Viron 350 gas heater
  • Genus 4 control system
  • Toughened glass fencing
  • Glass blade to three sides