When it comes to making your dwelling beautiful, there is nothing more compelling & pleasing as setting up an inground concrete swimming pool! The swimming pool construction process may involve steps like:

  • Excavation: proper unearthing of the land need to be done before moving on to the next stage.
  • Safety Fencing: a removable, easy-to-install fence is built around your inground swimming pool that provides protection by creating a barrier.
  • Formwork and steel fixing: We can alter the shape of your old pool to modernize the look, add new water features and add swim-outs. Steel fixing involves fastening the steel reinforcing bars to ensure that they stay in the correct place – and this is our speciality.
  • Plumbing in the shell: Your plumbing should include a drain at the bottom of the pool as well as the necessary structure to ensure safe water flow throughout the pool.
  • Concrete Pouring is done: this includes pouring a smooth surface for floors, a straight path or driveway and foundations, includes the composition of concrete, site preparation and building simple forms.
  • Permanent fencing: once all these processes are taken care of, permanent fencing is done.
  • Prepare surface & choose a finish for interior basin: The finish offers a smooth, decorative surface of the inside of your swimming pool and can be tile, marble or paint.
  • Compliance inspection: Proper inspection is done once all these steps are completed.
  • Fill the swimming pool with water: After the pool is filled, it will be ready for use after the proper chemicals are applied and the water is tested for safety.

Crystal Pools, founded by the legendary Les Denton in 1957, is Australia’s longest operating & most experienced pool builder, won more than 120 major state, national & international pool awards. When it comes to choosing the right pool builder it pays to compare beyond the photos. A Crystal Pool is a superior master built pool providing the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, at a similar price. No one can build the structure of your pool like we can.

We are the inground swimming pool specialists with a rock solid reputation for excellence in design and construction of concrete swimming pools: Lap pools, plunge pools, above ground, Inground pools, landscaped pools, spa pools, architectural pools and more.