Endless benefits for a backyard swimming pool

Who hasn’t dreamt of lounging beside a sparkling pool on the weekend or taking a quick dip after an exhausting day at work? Pools are sometimes viewed as a luxury, especially for time-poor adults, but in reality backyard swimming pools offer many long-term benefits for young families that make the initial installation cost so worthwhile:

Peace of mind

When you have a backyard swimming pool you will always know where your kids, their friends, and most probably a good percentage of the neighbourhood kids, are playing. That’s right – they will all be swimming happily in your pool at one time or another. You will be able to relax as your children gain water confidence and experience in a safe environment.

Life of the party

Very few children (if any) can resist a pool party so expect a good turnout when you host birthday parties for your children. There are so many advantages to hosting your own pool party: you control water safety and hygiene; you don’t have to pay for a venue, and your party will not be cut short by time limitations. Best of all, the kids will take their excitement out on the pool, and not on your furniture! A pool will also work wonders in the way your kids socially interact, improving confidence and popularity amongst their peers.

Very few adults can resist a pool party either, even if they rarely swim. A backyard swimming pool is the perfect centre point, a place to kick back and unwind while hosting BBQ’s for your family and friends.

Backyard swimming poolQuality family time

Crystal Pools Sales Manger, Andrew Rothery, points out that “Many clients with young children are keen to spend time with the kids teaching them to swim, and those with teenagers want to offer their kids a place at home where they can relax after school and on weekends with friends”.

A dip in the pool each day will help bring your family together. Even if you don’t swim yourself, simply being there to watch the kids play will become a welcome break in your afternoon routine. With no attention-draining technology such as computers, television or phones, your family can relax and re-connect together.

Fitness benefits

In-ground lap pool - Beacon HillOnce your backyard swimming pool is installed, your kids won’t even look at the couch when they get home from school. They’ll get in the pool and likely stay there until you tell them it’s time for dinner. Swimming is an excellent non-impact exercise that will keep your children happy, healthy and ready to go to sleep at bedtime.

The kids shouldn’t be the only ones to experience increased fitness, so don’t be put off if swimming laps doesn’t excite you. There are other ways to get a good workout in the pool. Walking and jogging in the shallow end are low-impact and offer a rigorous resistance workout. Exercising in the pool is a fun, sweat-free way to get a good workout without risk of injury.

Long-term savings on investment

“Our clients often choose the long-term benefits of a swimming pool over the short-term enjoyment of a holiday”.

Indoor outdoor pool - Bella VistaThe initial outlay of installing a pool may be daunting, but it should be weighed against the ongoing savings you will enjoy. Instead of taxiing your children to cinemas, bowling, and other special excursions, they will be at home swimming and you will save time and money. Instead of spending money on accommodation and travel, you may decide to stay at home over the holidays and take advantage of the resort-style living pools offer. Last, but certainly not least, a properly installed and maintained pool is an asset to any home. You will realise the value in your pool when you decide to sell the family home.

Installing a backyard swimming pool will add considerable value and more to your home and family life, so pick up the phone and call our friendly staff today. They are always happy to discuss the benefits of owning a pool, and will offer advice on the best options for your property. Be prepared to discover some unexpected perks – a great water view all day every day, increased fitness, a versatile area to host social gatherings, and most importantly, a safe place to relax and enjoy family life.