More inclusions and Australian made components

Our trade buying power and construction efficiency equal better value for our customers. Other builders may remove inclusions such as temporary fencing and the engineer’s inspection to cut corners on that initial price tag. Don’t fall victim to the twenty grand dream pool that turns into a cost-spiralling nightmare. With Crystal Pools that simply never happens.

Look closely at our quote and you’ll see the engineer’s certification is included. All structural engineering drawings are included. We don’t charge extra for things like 3 months temporary fencing during construction or the removal of builder’s rubbish. Other quality inclusions you will not pay extra for include; base suction skimmer boxes, gate and check valve, hydrostatic relief value, depth marker tiles, suction sweeper, telescopic handle, floating hose, leaf rake, pool brush and a water testing kit. And at handover you’ll receive a complete demonstration with instructions. We also include a customised pool manual, start-up chemicals and the initial treatment of your water.

Free Upfront Advice
Free upfront advice that can save you thousands

Crystal Pools helps many pool buyers in evaluating what they do and don’t want, even before they decide to build with us. We’re one of the few companies to offer Free Expert Advice before you choose your builder. While the internet may help you partway along the learning curve, there’s nothing like talking to experienced pool builders. We’re happy to offer sound advice ahead of any sales pitch. It’s an approach that has contributed to our long-standing reputation for integrity in the industry. Please understand our expert consultants are busy, so will often need to return your call. But it’s a call that could make a huge difference to the outcome of your finished pool.

Wow factor and attention to detail

After 20,000+ swimming pools and five decades of operation, we’re still building on our reputation for excellence in the industry and wider community by ensuring our pools are always well thought out and visually stunning. People understand a well-crafted pool adds value to the home. Visit the residential and commercial pool galleries to see just a small proportion of our work.

Best tradespeople in the business

No one can build the structure of your pool like Crystal Pools can. At comparatively similar pricing you’ll get a superior master built pool that’s been crafted by the best concreters, steel fixers, form workers and plumbers in the business! The people building your pool are senior craftsmen at the peak of their skills and take great pride in their work. Many of our senior tradesmen have been part of the ‘Crystal Family’ since the 1980s.

Safe from financial harm

As Australia’s most experienced pool company we’ve seen too many other pool builders come and go. Crystal Pools is Australian owned and financially solid. Don’t risk it with a builder that might go bust on your job! Unfortunately, it still happens. In addition to our proven track record and reputation for integrity, Crystal Pools is also a long-standing member of the Master Builders Association, the Housing Industry Association and the National Swimming Pool Institute.

We build it. We warrant it. We honour it.

Any site, any shape, any size

Any style or design you can imagine, chances are we’ve built it! You will not find a more capable pool company in Australia! We build everything from special plunge pools for small yards to Olympic pools, lap pools, suspended pools, geometric pools, freeform pools, spas and wet edge pools. Crystal Pools designs pools for all sites, residential and commercial. Our residential pools are mainly built in the greater Sydney metropolitan area, whereas commercial-sized projects occur around the country.

Awarded for design and construction

Crystal Pools has won more than 220 major state, national and international pool awards. For the last three years running Crystal Pools has won a host of major awards at the NSW MBA (Master Builders Association) Awards for both its residential and commercial pools.

Engineered to stand the test of time

We apply the same exact same engineering standards in your backyard as we do for our FINA Standard Olympic Pools, so everything aligns accurately and is built to last decades, not years. Over the decades. Crystal has experimented with other construction technologies, yet remains convinced that in-ground, concrete pools are vastly superior to any other construction method available.

Quality applies to service

Our Crystal clear, plain English contract is easy to understand and includes all foreseeable costs to ensure there are no unwanted surprises down the track. It also has plenty of built-in contingencies to cover you.

From the first meeting to pool handover, we quality control your entire experience with us. We have systems and standards in place to take the stress out of every stage of the process. Documented onsite procedures, council approval fast-track techniques and a huge knowledge base… all this adds up to better communication, performance and service.

Read our testimonials to get a glimpse of the extra lengths we go to in ensuring a quality service.

Custom designed swimming pools

Applying the same principles as an architect does, Crystal Pools designs your pool in view of the entire home space. We offer a thoroughly tested Design & Build Service and are also equally practised at working with architects or landscape designers. Our singular or collaborative approach to swimming pool design always sets out to enhance the property as well as your lifestyle. Our design focus, coupled with a high quality build, is reflected in decades of awards and positive customer feedback.

We’re here to help

We offer expert technical advice on all there is to know about installing swimming pools in Sydney (call 9875 4555)