Sheer descent waterfall – Wahroonga

This pool was designed with the entire family in mind. The Navy Pebble lining used on this geometrical pool provides a vivid colour that shows through the frameless glass fencing and adds dimension to the swimming pool.

The up-stand-wall has been faced with stack stone and stepped up to accommodate the sheer descent waterfall. The wall is also framed with a coping tile adding definition. Step edge tiles are seen here highlighting the outline of the steps in the pool both adding effect and safety

Job No.
8 x 4 metres
Q Pebble: Navy
Hayda stone


  • RX 400 Filter
  • CTX 400 Pump
  • RC8 Automatic chlorinator
  • Two LED Aquastar pool lights

Special Features

  • Upstand wall
  • Viron 450 gas heater
  • Sheer decent waterfall
  • Toughened glass fencing
  • PCC 2000 infloor cleaning system