Sheer descent waterfall – Ryde

One alcove of this swimming pool features a stacked stone Sheer Descent Waterfall above it so you can sit below it and have the water wash over you.

 The other alcove has a line of Spa jets that can blast out water giving the effect and feel of a Spa. Featuring two alcoves adjacent to each other provides an illusion the pool is wider than it actually is.

This swimming pool has been designed with a family in mind. The walkways have been extended out to 800 and 1200mm providing additional usable space around the pool and a gas heater means the pool can be used all year round.

Job No.
8 x 4 metres
Crystal Resort White with blue fleck


  • RX 360 Filter
  • CTX 400 Pump
  • Six Spa jets
  • Jet-vac cleaner
  • RC8 Automatic chlorinator
  • One LED Aquastar pool light

Special Features

  • Feature wall
  • Viron 350 gas heater
  • Sheer decent waterfall
  • Toughened glass fencing