Saltwater plunge pool – Sutherland

The geometric design of this saltwater plunge pool works well for the kids whilst providing a dry space to lounge while supervising swimmers.

The swimming pool is finished in “Bay Pearl Q-Pebble” with a 300mm wide band of ceramic waterline tiles and features sandstone coloured concrete pavers.

This L-shaped plunge pool includes a water feature, spa and a large cooling off ledge at the shallow end. The deep end of this plunge pool features an alcove with a 900mm wide sheer drop water fall feature.

Job No.
6 x 4 metres
Q-Pebble: Bay Pearl
Sandstone coloured concrete pavers


  • RX 320 Filter
  • CTX 320 Pump
  • Jet-vac cleaner
  • VX9T Salt chlorinator
  • RC 25/5 chemical doser
  • Three LED Aquastar pool lights

Special Features

  • Upstand wall
  • MX 300 gas heater
  • Sheer decent water fall
  • Toughened glass fencing