Circular swimming pool – Dural

This stunning circular swimming pool is 8 metres in diameter and has a wet edge designed to extend your view into the bush beyond.

The pool is mirrored at the house with a smaller round fully-tiled spa.

The choice of an off-white and gold pebble for the lining has created a natural look to the pool which blends well with the surrounding bush whilst the fully-tiled spa provides contrast with light blue tiles. The choice of lining plays a major role in deciding the final colour of the pool and it is important to look for a balance with the natural surroundings.

Job No.
8 meters diametre
Off White/Gold Pebble


  • ZX 250 Filter
  • RX 360 Filter
  • BX 1.5 HP Pump
  • TX 1.5 HP Pump
  • RC7 Automatic chlorinator
  • Four LED Aquastar pool lights

Special Features

  • Spa
  • Spill over
  • Wet edge
  • Upstand wall
  • MX 300 gas heater
  • PCC 2000 infloor cleaning system